Tri šešira

Restaurant Tri Šešira

“Three Hats” is a true pearl among the restaurants of Skadarlija. It was built in the heart of Skadarska street and remains in a recognizable ambience for more than 150 years. It was opened in 1864 in a building where a craft workshop which had three pleated hats as a logo was previously located. That’s how the restaurant got its name. The restaurant is known for its service and quality even outside the borders of our country. It had the honor to host some of the most eminent domestic and international figures: King Juan Carlos, George Bush, Pertini, Willie Brant, and others. Many testimonies of the pleasant stay in the restaurant are stored in the guestbook.
Quality first

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1420 RSD

Meze for two

Beef prosciutto, Zlatibor prosciutto, pork neck, kaymak, Zlatar cheese, young cheese, stuffed breaded pepper, fried dough filled with cheese, pepper and prosciutto
1240 RSD

Veal baked in clay pot amongst live coals

With baked potatoes on kaymak
295 RSD

Belgrade cream pie

With raspberry cream
360 RSD

Traditional pie

Homemade pie stuffed with cheese with sour milk
220 RSD

Homemade sarma


Restaurant Tri Šešira | Belgrade

Cold Hors D’Ouvres

"Three Hats" hors d' oeuvre 650 rsd
Zlatibor prosciutto, dried beef prosciutto, cheese, kaymak, Serbian baked beans, pork cracklings pate, donuts and corn bread

Gardeners hors d' oeuvre 650 rsd
Beef prosciutto, urnebes salad, cheese from Zlatar, whole wheat flour mini bread,homemade beef pate,kaymak.

Beefsteak tartare for two 1980 rsd
Butter & Toast

Cheese plate 810 rsd
Fresh cottage cheese,cheese from Zlatar,goat cheese,cheese from Pirot and kaymak.

Beefsteak salad 990 rsd
Thin-sliced grilled beefstake on mixed greens,dressing, Pirot cheese.

Serbia 100% 860 rsd
Flat sausage from Pirot,pork cracklings,kaymak,ajvar,goat cheese, cheese from Pirot, cornbread.

Mezze for two 1460 rsd
Beef prosciutto,Zlatibor Prosciutto,pork neck,kaymak,cheese from Zlatar,fresh cottage cheese,breaded paprika stuffed with cheese,peppers and prosciutto.

Hot starters

Traditional pie 380 rsd
Domestic hand made pie, with cheese and sour milk.

Breaded stuffed peppers 460 rsd
Stuffed with urnebes salad

Baked beans 420 rsd
Roast baked beans

Vegetarian plate 660 rsd
Dried peppers field with baked beens,grilled mushrooms fried cheese.

Gourmet plate 690 rsd
Stuffed mushrooms,breades cheese,homemade chicken croquettes in seeds.

Baby potatos 420 rsd
With prosciutto and kaymak


Veal soup 290 rsd

Domestic soup with noodles 280 rsd

Tomato soup with pasta 280 rsd

Fish soup 290 rsd

Roasted meat- Traditionally roasted “ispod sača”

slowly roasted, baked in traditional clay pot amongst live coals

Lamb roasted in clay pot amongst live coals 1240 rsd
With baked potatoes

Veal roasted in clay pot amongst live coals 1240 rsd
With baked potatoes on kaymak

Fish and seafood

Smoked trout fillets 980 rsd
With grilled vegetables

Perch from Smederevo 1250 rsd
Perch fillet with traditionaly baked potatoes and vegetables.

Grilled salmon 1390 rsd
With vegetable risotto and dill sauce.

Grilled sea bass 1290 rsd
With swiss chard and potatoes

Local specialities

Beefsteak "Three Hats" 1840 rsd
Beefsteak with prosciutto and cheese in pepper sauce

Chef's steak 2980 rsd
Baby potatos, prosciutto and paprica salsa with three souces / pepper, ajvar, kaymak

Beefsteak with porcini mushrooms 1860 rsd
Grilled beefsteak with porcini mushroom sauce

Shredded beefsteak 1750 rsd
On sauteed vegetables and cheese from Pirot

Hat loin stake 980 rsd
Stuffed white pork loin rolled in Zlatibor prosciutto, topped with ajvar sauce

Zlatibor style chicken 960 rsd
Stuffed and rolled chicken in bacon with prosciutto and cheese in kaymak sauce

Steak Karađorđe 980 rsd
Stake Karadjorde-Rolled pork, stuffed with kaymak and breaded

Monastery chicken 960 rsd
Stuffed chicken fillet with beef prosciutto and gouda, breaded in walnuts

Chicken steak Karađorđe 930 rsd
Rolled chicken fillet, stuffed with kaymak and breaded

Skadarlija stlye vegetable stew 780 rsd
With pork loin

Serbian Barbeque

Mixed meat 990 rsd
Cevapi,Leskovac style meat fritters,chicken fillet,barbeque sausage,and pork chop.
Side dish - baked potato

Mildy smoked pork neck stake 960 rsd
Beech-wood smoked pork neck steak

Ćevapi "Three Hats" 740 rsd

Ćevapčići mix 780 rsd
Skadarlija, Leskovac and Pazar style ćevapi on kaymak

Leskovac style meat fritters 820 rsd
On urnebes salad and kaymak

Serbian meat patty 740 rsd

Miloš Saber 1210 rsd
Chicken fillet, fillet mignon, meatball, grilled bacon, medallion in bacon and pork chop

Homemade sausage 760 rsd
Barbeque sausage with fried sour cabbage and baked potatoes

Skadarlija "opanak" 940 rsd
Pljeskavica stuffed with beef prosciutto paprika and cheese with chicken fillet on kaymak.

Serbian plate for two 2600 rsd
Cevapi,meat fritters,chicken kebab in bacon,fillet mignon,sausages,pork ribs,grilled bacon and kaymak.


Winter mix for two 580 rsd
sour cabbage, sombor pepper and roasted pepper

Homemade ajvar 430 rsd

Mixes greens for two 480 rsd

Šopska salad 310 rsd

Serbian salad 290 rsd

Roasted peppers salad 295 rsd

Cabbage salad 220 rsd

Tomato salad 280 rsd

Lettuce 220 rsd

Greek salad 490 rsd

Peppers in cream 260 rsd

Hot peppers 80 rsd
Fresh or roasted

Bread and pastry

Flat bread 70 rsd

Homemade whole meal bread 80 rsd

Homemade corn bread 80 rsd

Basket of bread 250 rsd
Flat bread, whole meal bread, white bread, garlic breadsticks


Baklava with pistachios 320 rsd

Apple stuffed with walnuts and honey 275 rsd
Walnut-stuffed apples stewed in water with sugar

"Tri Hats" pancakes 360 rsd
2 homemade pancakes with jam, walnuts and hazelnut spread

Walnut dry cakes 190 rsd

Belgrade cream pie 295 rsd
With raspberry cream

Chocolate cake 295 rsd

Homemade blueberry pie 290 rsd
With vanilla sauce

Tres leches cake 275 rsd
Sponge cake with three types of milk and caramel sauce.

Pavlova cake 295 rsd
With strawberries and white chocolate

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Opening hours
Monday – Sunday : 11 am – 02 am