Restaurant Tri šešira

“Three Hats” is a true pearl among the restaurants of Skadarlija. It was built in the heart of Skadarska street and remains in a recognizable ambience for more than 150 years. It was opened in 1864 in a building where a craft workshop which had three pleated hats as a logo was previously located. That’s how the restaurant got its name. The restaurant is known for its service and quality even outside the borders of our country. It had the honor to host some of the most eminent domestic and international figures: King Juan Carlos, George Bush, Pertini, Willie Brant, and others. Many testimonies of the pleasant stay in the restaurant are stored in the guestbook.


Try our specialties

2390 RSD

Mezze for two

Beef prosciutto, Zlatibor prosciutto, kulen, kaymak, Zlatar cheese, fresh cottage cheese, breaded pepper stuffed with cheese, fried dough stuffed with cheese, peppers and prosciutto

2390 RSD

Lamb roasted in clay pot amongst live coals

With baked potatoes

440 RSD

Belgrade cream pie

With raspberry sauce

560 RSD

Traditional pie

Homemade, handmade pie with cheese and sour milk

3240 RSD

“Three Hats” beefsteak

Beefsteak with beef prosciutto and cheese in pepper sauce



Opening hours

Monday – Sunday

11:00 – 02:00


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