Restaurant Tri Šešira | Belgrade

Cold Appetizers

"Three Hats" appetizer 740 rsd
Zlatibor prosciutto, beef prosciutto, cheese, kaymak, Serbian baked beans, pork crackling pate, dough on BBQ (homemade tortila), cornbread

Gardeners appetizer 740 rsd
Beef prosciutto, urnebes salad, homemade beef pate, Zlatar cheese, cornbread, kaymak

Beefsteak tartare for two 2320 rsd
Butter & Toast

Cheese plate 880 rsd
Fresh cottage cheese, Zlatar cheese, goat cheese, Pirot cheese and kaymak

Serbia 100% 940 rsd
Pirot flat sausage, homemade kaymak, ajvar, goat cheese, pork cracklings, Pirot cheese, cornbread

Cold roast beef 940 rsd
On a green salad mix, cherry tomaotes, Pirot cheese

Mezze for two 1760 rsd
Beef prosciutto, Zlatibor prosciutto, kulen, kaymak, Zlatar cheese, fresh cottage cheese, breaded pepper stuffed with cheese, fried dough stuffed with cheese, peppers and prosciutto

Salad Meals

Salmon salad 1150 rsd
Grilled salmon with green salad mix, dressing, walnuts, croutons, cherry tomatoes and olives

Chicken salad 920 rsd
Sliced chicken fillet with green salad mix, dressing, feta cheese, walnuts, croutons, cherry tomatoes olives

Hot Appetizers

Traditional pie 480 rsd
Homemade, handmade pie with cheese and sour milk

Breaded stuffed peppers 520 rsd
Stuffed with urnebes salad

Baked beans 480 rsd
Baked beans

Vegetarian plate 720 rsd
Ajvar, baked beans, grilled mushrooms, breaded cheese, cheese pie

Gourmet plate 780 rsd
Bruschetta with cream cheese and roast beef, breaded cheese, homemade chicken croquettes in seeds, grilled mushrooms

Grilled Miroč cheese 640 rsd
On green salad mix, rolled plum and pepper salsa

Breaded oyster mushrooms 690 rsd


Veal soup 340 rsd

Homemade noodle soup 330 rsd

Tomato soup with pasta 330 rsd

Alaska fish soup 330 rsd


Smoked trout fillets 1120 rsd
With sauteed vegetables

Perch from Smederevo 1340 rsd
Perch fillet with crispy potatoes and vegetables

Grilled salmon 1540 rsd
With vegetable risotto and dill sauce

Grilled Sea Bass 1510 rsd
With swiss chard and potatoes

Roasts - Traditionally roasted

slowly roasted, baked in traditional clay pot amongst live coals

Lamb roasted in clay pot amongst live coals 1320 rsd
With baked potatoes

Veal roasted in clay pot amongst live coals 1320 rsd
With flavored baby potatoes

Local Specialties

"Three Hats" beefsteak 2150 rsd
Beefsteak with beef prosciutto and cheese in pepper sauce

Chef's beefsteak 3850 rsd
Beef with flavored potato, grilled vegetables with three sauces: pepper, kaymak, sweet wine sauce

Lamb chops 1890 rsd
Grilled lamb chops with Miroč cheese and flavored baby potatoes

Lokum beefsteak 2090 rsd
Marinated beefsteak skewer with flavored baby potatoes

"Hat" loin stake 1050 rsd
Bacon-wrapped pork chop, stuffed with feta cheese and Njeguš prosciutto

Zlatibor style chicken 990 rsd
Bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with pork prosciutto and cheese in kaymak sauce

Pirot chicken 990 rsd
Prosciutto-wrapped stuffed chicken with Pirot cheese in mushroom sauce

Steak Karađorđe 1120 rsd
Breaded rolled pork steak, stuffed with kaymak

Monastery chicken 990 rsd
Stuffed chicken fillet with beef prosciutto and gouda, breaded in walnuts

Chicken steak Karađorđe 1020 rsd
Breaded rolled chicken fillet, stuffed with kaymak

"Three Hats" medallions 1120 rsd
Chicken, pork and beef medallions in cheese sauce

Serbian Barbeque

Mixed meat 1040 rsd
Ćevapi, Leskovac-style meat fritters, chicken fillet, barbecue sausage and pork chop

Mildly smoked pork neck steak 990 rsd
Beech-wood smoked pork neck steak

Smoked pork loin for two 1860 rsd
With potatoes and kaymak

Ćevapi "Three Hats" 860 rsd

Ćevapčići mix 890 rsd
Skadarlija, Leskovac and Pazar ćevapi on kaymak

Gourmet beefburger for two 2120 rsd
Gourmet beefburger in a flat bread

Serbian meat patty 860 rsd

Miloš Saber 1440 rsd
Chicken fillet, fillet mignon, meat fritters, grilled bacon, medallion in bacon and pork chop

Homemade sausage 860 rsd
Barbecue sausage with baked potatoes

Skadarlija opanak 1050 rsd
Meat patty stuffed with beef prosciutto and cheese with chicken fillet on kaymak

Serbian plate for two 2920 rsd
Ćevapi, meat fritters, bacon-wrapped chicken skewer, smoked pork neck, sausages, pork ribs, grilled bacon and kaymak


Summer mix for two 620 rsd
Shopska salad, spring salad, roasted peppers

Homemade ajvar 495 rsd

Mixed greens for two 560 rsd

Shopska salad 360 rsd

Serbian salad 310 rsd

Roasted peppers salad 340 rsd

Cabbage salad 260 rsd

Tomato salad 320 rsd

Lettuce salad 240 rsd

Greek salad 520 rsd

Peppers in cream 320 rsd

Spring salad 330 rsd
Green salad mix, cabbage, spring onion, radish

Tarator salad 330 rsd
Cucumber, sour cream, dill, garlic

Hot peppers 90 rsd
Fresh or roasted

Bread and pastry

Flat bread 90 rsd

Homemade whole meal bread 90 rsd

Homemade cornbread 90 rsd

Basket of bread 290 rsd
Flat bread, whole meal bread, white bread, garlic breadsticks


Baklava with pistachios 370 rsd

Apple stuffed with walnuts and honey 295 rsd

"Three Hats" crepes 420 rsd
Two homemade crepes with jam, walnuts and hazelnut spread

Walnut dry cookies 220 rsd

Belgrade cream pie 320 rsd
With raspberry sauce

Chocolate cake 320 rsd

Homemade blueberry pie 360 rsd
With vanilla sauce

Tres leches cake 290 rsd
Sponge cake with three types of milk and caramel sauce

Pavlova cake 320 rsd
With strawberries

Bajadera 290 rsd

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