At "Tri šešira"

Skadarlija is the centre of good times and its epicentre is “Tri šešira”

Belgrade restaurant “Tri šešira”, famous in the Balkans, founded in 1864, is the gathering place of the most famous personalities from all around Europe and the world. Citizens here found the joy of life, poets found inspiration for some of the anthological verses, painters gained visions for their most famous works of art. Journalists, athletes and politicians met here with Serbian history. All guests, attracted by the hospitality of restaurant staff, made a strong impact to this iconic place in the Bohemian quarter of Skadarlija.

Interest in the book “At Tri šešira” is great throughout the region. Often we receive emails like this:

Hi 🙂 I am writing to you from Croatia, I have seen that you have a book that I would like to order as a gift for my grandfather who lived in Belgrade when he was young and always visited your restaurant, he is always talking about it. Now he’s over 80 years old, but always remembers that, so I was wondering if you could write him a note inside the book? I found a page for online orders, but I would love if it is possible to receive it with the note. Please let me know.

Marija Knežević

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